Fountain Square- Christmas bazar

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Dadli:(off Azerbaijan, downtown Baku). You can buy smoked turkey, ham and other sandwich meats sliced to order. Ask for Vugar. He speaks limited English, but Russian and Azerbaijani.

Kamran: (Badamdar Hwy, near CMR). You can find local and other inexpensive regional wines. The green market to the left of the entrance is good place for fruits/veggies.

CitiMart(Park Bulvar Mall). The largest of all the CitiMart stores with more of a selection of products. Many American products but be sure to look at the price. The best "American Bread" is Harry’s brand

CitiMart(Inshatchilar, near Hyatt). Best frozen section. You can find food coloring, extracts (vanilla and other fruit flavors), paper cupcake liners, and toothpicks They also have a good Asian selection.

Bizim (End of Badamdar Hwy). Local products. Reasonable prices. "Delhus" tastes close to American "bacon," but it does not come pre-sliced. The "йогурт активия" sold here is the closest to buttermilk

Teze Bazaar(Samed Vurgun). Best 2 places to buy pork (свинина), 9azn/kg. Be very cautious in the summer if you have a weak stomach. On the perimeter of the back side you can buy inside/outside plants.

Iranian Shop(Nariman Narimanov, near Wellington). Best quality nuts, dry fruits, saffron, and dried spices.

Gastronomy(Nariman Narimanov). Good frozen fish and other unusual items (Asian, Italian). Decent wine selection. Be sure to pay attention when being rung up.

Top Recommended Products:
Beyaz Penir Pinar: cream cheese (written in English on the bottom right)

President or WestGold: unsalted butter

Мечма: mayonnaise

Я: juice (100% real juice)

Домик в деревне: milk, cream

Granfor: cheese, especially Gouda

Activia/Danon; yogurt

Kamar: turkey salami

BonAqua: still & sparkling water

Pinar Hardal: mustard, Dijon

Barilla: pasta

Matilde Vicenzi: ladyfinger cookies (for tiramisu)

золотое солнышко: corn oil

Borges or Colavita: extra virgin olive oil & olive oil

Mara: balsamic vinegar

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